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i dont understand what to do  in part two, there's just a bunch of balls

btw i found out how to climb the turtle 



Download the latest update of the game for more clues, it should have all the clues you’ll need.🙂

Then, keep walking to different rooms. As you do, more clues will show up if you don’t progress in the game.

Hope that helps!😊

thanks! i finished the game and was traumatized by my best friends death. I Dont know what to do and am now an achoholic. I have gotten PTSD from his death and have nightmares every night. Don't have a latest update for THAT, do u

Oh no.😱😂

The sequel should cure your PTSD and alcoholism.😉

There’s still hope for your best friend!

I think this is a great game, although I found that if you right click outside of the game and click back into the game, the game freezes.

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Did it not unfreeze after you click back anywhere inside the game? If it didn’t, which operating system are you on? I couldn't make the game completely freeze that way on Windows.

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I love this game the turtle is so cute and the concept is really interesting but I can't figure out what to do : - ( I made it freeze and fullscreen but i don't know what to do besides that

and now i think he hinted me to ask you?


Thank you, glad you liked it!🙂

I have just finished updating the game with more clues. So you can get the update, then keep walking to different rooms. As you do, more clues will show up. If a clue doesn’t really help, just keep walking again, and the last clue should really help (I think)!

Good luck! You can always ask me again if you are still stuck.🙂

Thank you for making it :)

I'm walking around forever and still not getting more clues(browser version), and I still don't know what to do

Are you walking to different rooms (you go to a corridor, screen fades out, fades back in, and you’re in another corridor), or walking within the same room?

You should be walking to different rooms (it doesn’t matter which rooms you go to, as long as you’re walking to different rooms) many times for the clues to show up.

Let me know if you still need help.🙂

Yeah I've been walking to different rooms and nothing happens

Has the turtle told you to show him something else because he still doesn't want to believe he's in a game (after you completed the first part of the game)? If he has, then the clues should show up, although it may take a while.

To make them show up quicker, once you're in a new room, just turn around and go back to the previous room. Then turn around again and go back to where you just came from again. This way, you won't need to walk across rooms. One of the final clues should show up after you keep moving to another room (or between rooms) for 35 times after the turtle told you to show him something else.

Also, since you are using the web version, I think it's worth trying to hit the Refresh button on your browser once (if you haven't done so after the game got updated), to make sure it doesn't load the older version from its cache.

Let me know if it still doesn't show up so I can try to figure out what's up.

Thanks again & sorry for the troubles!

I have a feeling I was REEEEALLY close to getting this.... 

Hey, I enjoyed your video, it made me smile & chuckle! I like how you voiced the turtle, and how you broke the game too!😂

The new clues in the latest update should help (more clues will show as you keep walking to different rooms without progressing in the game), and the last clue should really help (although you’ll probably manage to solve the game even before the last clue shows up). It’s actually simpler than deleting files. Check it out if you want to!🙂

And if you make a sequel video, I’d love to see it!

I'll definitely give it another try!



Thank you, and thanks for the video!🙂

I watched it, and now I think I probably should add more clues in the next update.


Great game, though! Everyone should try to clear it, though it very difficult. A sequel would be cool.

I actually have been thinking whether or not I should make a sequel too, but the sequel that I had in mind is similar to this one. I think your idea (showing the turtle or another character he isn't in a game) might make an interesting sequel though! (I'll definitely credit you if your idea gets into a sequel!)

Anyway, hopefully the turtle will be back in the sequel, we'll see!🙂